Moulded with hands & sculpted with warmth : Love blossoms in TOH Ceramic Planters

Moulded with hands & sculpted with warmth : Love blossoms in TOH Ceramic Planters

The art of pottery is an ancient, celebrated skill of mankind. Pots and other clay vessels were not just used for storage and cooking, but it was also an expression of socio-cultural and emotional language. The pieces were moulded, shaped, carved and even painted with a deep sense of fulfilment and compassion. Over the years, pottery has become an advanced art with highly elegant and intricately designed pieces which are not only functional but also act as statement designs to place on mantelpieces, windowsills, or tabletops.

And in this creative exploration, ceramics play a major aesthetic role, with its durability and decorative qualities. Ceramic vessels are made from finely textured, light-coloured clay and then glazed. They are fired at a high kiln temperature, which reduces the pot’s porosity and vulnerability to the elements. Glazed ceramic pots keep plants hydrated as the glazing seals the pot and stops leakage.

Blending earthy elements into a solid substance, further carved into exotic shapes in diversified sizes and painted in vibrant hues, and patterns, ceramic artefacts stand as proudly handcrafted pieces of art which is not just handmade with love but also created to complement your interiors in just the right way. Amidst many of our sculpted home décor items, the ones that boast of a high demand is The Orby House’s ceramic planters. Sprucing up your space instantly with our handcrafted ceramic items, our artful products are carefully curated to become important décor accents. Especially, planters have now become a decorative accessory which is an essential feature of both your indoor outdoor space. Individually, or with blooming greens, planters accentuate the space with its unique and personalized crafting.

Splashes of green, in and around your living space gives it a new life which pleases the eye, calms the mind and is also a healthy addition to your décor. If you are looking to jazz up your space with intriguing handmade ceramic pots, our customized planters will be the perfect add on to your shopping cart. Let us explore some ways to style interiors and light up dull empty corners with our hand sculpted planters-

  • City Life Jungle :

Create a special green corner in your house or at the entrance, with interesting planters grouped together, decorated with plants of similar shapes, sizes & species to conjure a fresh urban jungle.

  • Wall of Green :

Create a fascinating wall reserved for little planters, filled with mini plants. The vibrancy of this visual story will make it an accent feature that will draw the gaze.

  • Minimalistic Statement :

TOH planters placed individually also make an excellent décor piece because of the story they narrate. Each piece is carved elaborately with immense precision, having a deep meaning behind each layer of imagination.

  • Layers of Nature :

Clubbing a variety of greens with varying shapes, sizes & species together can create an enthralling evergreen corner, that can be a captivating conversation starter.

  • Art corner :

Our handmade ceramic planters are not just functional to decorate plants but are also deeply artful and narrates a narrative with a soulful essence. You can turn a dull or empty corner of your home, into something meaningful and artistically personal, with a group of our ceramics placed together.

  • An artsy cart :

A space can also become radiant with a creative cart with our signature planters and minuscule succulents, cactuses, etc. Such striking décor pieces are quite trending in interior styling these days.

P.S. Our planters add to wellness, texture, and hues, with plants, micro greens, succulents, etc but they also weave enchanting stories when they are placed as solitary décor pieces in themselves Not just for aesthetic appeal but even for exponential health benefits, plants are a good idea as they are natural air purifiers which add a calming vibe and create a soothing aura. Helping one relax and tame levels of stress and anxiety, they improve one’s mental health wellbeing.

Now, that you have scrolled thus far, you must be someone as obsessed with pretty décor items, Indian handcrafted ceramics, and aesthetic interior styling as we are. So, browse through our range of products and find us on social media.

In a World full of mass produced, machine made and imported products, our Indian handcrafted items are completely handmade and sculpted in our own studio, with immense love and warmth to tell unique and heartfelt tales.

So, let’s get aesthetically green and add some sophistication to our private spaces with ceramic planters, specially handmade to speak a thousand words to an onlooker, as each masterpiece is different, perfectly imperfect and evolves from pure human effort.

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