Flexible, nostalgic, and exotic, the Global décor style is the perfect design concept for the travel connoisseur and aesthetics freak in you. No hard and fast rules, extremely personal and purely beautiful, this style is a tribute to various cultures from around the globe. Be it colours, fabrics, accessories, patterns, design language or anything else, if you adore the smell of old library books, dream about the vibes of Parisian cafes, and cannot let go of the familiar scent of your favourite candle or the cozy comfort of your armchair across the room, this design style is for you!

How do you take your nostalgia and pack it in a thoughtful way to decorate your home, to reflect the personality of the inhabitant? It’s all about texture, culture, comfort and ultimately, a home filled with objects, patterns, and colours inspired by your love for places and local artisans. One can dwell in history, weave stories through design and celebrate being nomads at heart, with this décor style. Developed organically as people started travelling and exploring in an extensive rate, in the early 1900s, such décor gained popularity when travellers started bringing home souvenirs. Since then, the tradition has lived on to gift and purchase little memoirs from your travel tales.

A reflection of local skills and craftsmanship of different states/countries, whether a handmade woven rug or a piece of hand-carved furniture, this design style honours what is amazingly and proudly authentic. A single room turned into a miniature museum, or an eclectic corner as a perfect little piece of conversation starter, for distinctive pieces to reach your home, all you need is a click or a tap, it’s only a website link away. No matter what style of an architecture your house has from the outside, it can still harbour a global-inspired interior.

Quick tip: If you are a collector of travel guides, coffee table books, literary pieces from random vintage bookstores, bookmarks from airport giftshops or photos from your adventures, build a mini library inside your space and create a serene and warm reading corner. It can be as simple as a bookcase, your favourite snuggly chair, an illuminating lamp, and a side table or maybe a bar cart, with TOH wine glasses to add a refined archaic touch and keep your wine/bourbon handy.

Placing unique finds from previous travels or some culturally influenced one-of-a-kind pieces styled on coffee tables or open shelves with candles, flowers, books, or succulents in ceramic planters can also make a huge difference to highlight your space. This adds a lot of personality to any little extra corner of your home. Richly layered, this design style is a virtual trip to any place you desire but with no tickets or passport required. Rooted in an admiration for diverse aesthetics, global style is an artful potpourri of items you love, pieces you have personal memories with and intriguing finds of earthy materials, vibrant hues, interesting textures, and exotic patterns.

With endless possibilities, designing this way can seem intimidating but the key is to build off from a focal point, if you wish to incorporate an entire room/house with this design philosophy. When you get your hands on an accent from your weekend antiques market or your favourite website of phenomenal hand-crafted items, take the inspiration from that one thing and creatively ponder around it. Like a travel trunk turned into a coffee table can be a good starting point for a Bohemian theme.

If you want to create a culture centric theme, some options could be Moroccan tiles, and complementing them with more décor items like throw pillows, drapes, and artwork for a tropical or hilly feel, rich tapestries, and minimalist inspirations for a zen Japanese vibe, the infamous blue and white azulejo tiles for a Portuguese touch, woven rugs, blankets, and baskets or open plan contemporary spaces to feel American, an effortless chic combination of vintage pieces and soft colours like timeless elegance of the French, rustic woods, seashell decorations and warm tones of Spanish villas, creative ceramics, and rich colours of the Mediterranean, intricate details, dark wood finishes and colour schemes like deep reds and gold for a Chinese visual, printed cushions, red roof tiles and playful colours representative of the Mexican culture, coastal yet warm homes of Italy, blends of neutral color palettes, modern design and symmetry, rich ornamentation and vivid colors of Thailand, hanging English ivy reminiscent of a country garden and fragrant candles exuding understated British luxury, symmetrical balance through shapes, patterns or colours of clear blue skies and whitewashed walls speaking a Greek-inspired language. One can pick any ethnic design aesthetic, but the aim should be sticking to one and expressing your mind through your home and aesthetics using that.

The décor taste of your home can be motivated from any ethnic design you prefer, until it speaks to your heart. Be it an entire home, one single room or one spare corner, you can jazz it up with specially crafted pieces inspired by global aesthetics. Our handmade ceramic pieces, hand pinched and crafted with an imperfect perfection are just the right accents to add that pop of refinement and whisper of charming love to your space that speaks your language. Add elegance with our art sculpted in rare engravings, reminisce in the beauty of your travel expeditions and explore aesthetics from around the world because the world is full of creativity, imagination, and magic. And we cannot get enough to create more and more art for your dazzling den!

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