a candle from The Orby House which is uniquely designed

Let’s get SCENTsitive in spirit

Fragrance is one of the strongest elements that human moods and memory instantly connects to. Do you remember catching the whiff of the perfume applied by your favourite person or stopping to smell a particular flower because it reminds you of childhood? Well, smell is one of the strongest senses that we use so subconsciously, that we sometimes forget how crucial it is. Of course, you remember to apply your perfume or select well-scented cosmetics. But there is something else, which does not just promise to heal you but also form a never-ending romantic love affair with your senses. It is our personalised collection of WAX MELTS/OIL BURNERS/TEA LIGHT HOLDERS, lovingly hand-poured and intricately crafted to pose as a precious piece of art.

You read it right! Very new to the market and an extremely trending item of gifting, these calming decorative items dispense aroma which can shift the aura in any room. The slight warm flame or the wafting vapour of incense create a mystic vibe which is magical. Be it festival specific or to hold the gaze and stun an onlooker, the Orby House’s collection will make you go “Oh Wow!”. Apart from looking exquisite, there are multiple benefits of these unique premium quality scents. For effect, you can even blend notes and essence, to figure out your signature.

The harmonizing scents welcome calmness instantly. Add a gentle aroma and enjoy the many advantages of the delicious-smelling fragrances. Aromatherapy, i.e., the practice of using fragrances for therapeutic benefit, provides both physical and mental benefits. Immerse in self-care with these and transform your space into a restful nest where you can (literally) breathe easier. Some top of the list benefits are:

  • Helps you relax, unwind and sleep better

There is a reason therapists often have fragrant chambers when talking to a stressed person. Aroma therapy naturally brings respite to a person’s mind. The gentle smell after a long day, can help one curl up, read a favourite book or doze off into an undisturbed slumber. Pair a scent with your favourite activity like yoga or a bubble bath and you shall see the difference.

  • Improving clarity and focus

Introducing an energizing citrus scent can be great for focus and mental clarifying. It boosts alertness as well as your ability to concentrate, especially if you’re working on a big project that needs your full attention or while you get ready to start your day.

  • Can ease aching joints or other pains

Aromas often create a pleasant and satisfying ambience, improving your well-being, and triggering the release of feel-good hormones. It also reduces your psychological experience of pain, by soothing your senses and can be helpful in treating headaches, sore joints and overworked muscles.

  • Easier and better breathing as well as immunity

No matter when the allergies hit you or what kind of a troubled breather you are, aromatherapy can be your friend, be it rain, shine or dry winters. Helping you to maintain clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats, these burners are anti-microbial and when introduced into the air, can be a great way to keep a cold or flu away.

Aromatherapy also promises a healthy immune system and can even ease your digestion.

  • Get a glowing and healthy skin

One major reason for breakouts is tension and anxiety, but with these aromas in the air, your mental health will be so refreshed, that clear and beautiful skin will become a given. Supporting recovery of damaged cells and tissues, the scents can help lessen the effects of minor skin irritations and assist in reduce skin imperfections, fine lines, patchy pigmentation, loss of elasticity and irritations. Encouraging good blood circulation and efficient lymph drainage improves the appearance of healthy skin.

  • Create a peaceful aura and a rejuvenating fragrant home

Aroma diffusers also create a serene aura to satiate your senses and comfort you into a space that is your safe haven. A freshness in the air, blended with fragrance makes your home an inviting abode, for friends and loved ones to hang out in, or for you to recharge in a much-needed me-time!

Our customised Was Melts are made of 100% soy wax and blended with pure essential oils. And each oil/wax burner or candle holder is handmade by local artists with stoneware clay and finished with an in-house glaze. They have their individual shape, personality, details and irregularities which make them beautiful.

Bask in the goodness of these creative ceramic burners as you elevate your space with our personalised décor highlights, to create a refreshingly nurturing feel and of course, the health benefits. Our spiritual and aesthetic stoneware and ceramic collection has a deep meaning attached to each. If you want to step in a zen mode and enter a more manifested phase of life, this lifestyle is what you need for your mind, body, and your home. You can even create a corner out of it which shall represent tranquillity and peace. Add that gleam of warmth and enchant your heart with healthy and artful burners and melts. Let there be love in the air!
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