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Aroma Therapy Self Care Gift Hamper Box - TOH

Aroma Therapy Self Care Gift Hamper Box - TOH

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This festive season, eliminate all stress and negative energy with our beautifully crafted diffusers. Light an incense cone/Palo Santo stick and savour the vibe exuded by our mini version of the bestselling Taiyō diffuser to enhance your mood instantly. This eccentric piece symbolises the magic of the moon and creates an ethereal aura.

If you appreciate artful designs and calming aesthetics, this gift is for you to give. The gift set holds a thoughtfully calming selection of incense cone holder, diffuser, organic green tea, incense cone & Palo Santo sticks to help you enjoy a therapeutic self-care time.

This unique gift hamper contains:
1. Mini Taiyo Diffuser
2. Incense cone holder
3. A glass jar of incense cones
4. Palo Santo sticks
5. Organic green tea tube by Ochre Organics
6. Customized TOH Matchstick box

Our ceramics are completely handmade by local artists. Due to the materials and hand-building technique, all pieces are different and one of a kind. Tool marks and small imperfections are part of the handmade process. All dimensions are as accurate as possible. However, as with any hand-built item, there could be some variations in size between pieces.




Ceramic diffuser height- 6 cm
Ceramic diffuser width- 9 cm

Care information

Our ceramic dishes are dishwasher safe but hand wash with mild detergent recommended

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