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Earthen Curd Setter - TOH

Earthen Curd Setter - TOH

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About the product

Introducing Earthen clay curd setter with modern and sleek design. Reviving traditional use of earthenware in current modern ways of living. It soaks extra water because of the pores on the surface and leave behind thick curd. 

If you set curd in a pot made entirely of clay, it will be rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and other micronutrients. Curd prepared in this manner is higher in nutrition and easier to digest than curd prepared in plastic or steel containers.

Earthenware pots were made during the first known civilisation to keep water cool. This technique is as old as the human civilisation and dates back to 6000 years
Mesopotamia/ Sumer civilisation

Weight : 500 gm

Capacity : 500 ml


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Collapsible content

Non toxic

Microwave Safe

Dishwasher safe

Eco friendly



Earthen clay



Height : 5 inch with lid
Height : 3 inch without lid
Diameter : 4.5 inch



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Care Information

Before you start using it, soak overnight. Dry naturally and start using it. If water droplets is seen outside the earthenware, do not worry, it is the process of evaporation to keep the water naturally cool. Wash the bottle weekly with boiled water and mild soap.