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Moon Wax melts - Set of 12

Moon Wax melts - Set of 12

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These hand pouredĀ Strong Scented Wax Melts are madeĀ of 100% Soy Wax.These wax melts are blended with pure essential oils to give premium quality fragrance along with added health benefits.

Burning 2 of our cubes will last roughly 2 days.

Pack comes with 12 moon phase wax meltsĀ 

Wax type -Ā 100% Soy WAX

Fragrance -

-Nemophily : Indulge into your fondness of forest & woods with blends of organic Khas, mitti & wood in a beautifully hand poured moon phase wax melts

-Oishi : With the sweetness of vanilla paired with fruity forest nuance, it captures a delicious fragrance that makes you feel home

-Hygge :Ā Notes of fresh peach is the quintessential summer scents that sure is to lift your spirits with having an added twist to embody the playful element of caramel.The warm and sun-filled season calls for mood-boosting fragrances that will capture the essence of an endless summer.Ā 


  • Add 1-2 Moon Melts to the top of the oil burner. The wax can be re melted until its no longer fragrantĀ 
  • You can use difference fragrances together to create an entirely new aroma.



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