Lighting candles

Create a Warm, Inviting Ambiance with Flickering Candlelight

The season is arriving, to rejoice in the times of festive cheer, calm comfort, and relaxing get-togethers. And the most underrated addition to the festivities, your home-décor, your elaborate meals, and your bedside table is, aromatic candles. There is just some unexplainable magic around it which is undeniable. Imagine this - after a day’s work, you take a warm shower, put on some self-care essentials (masks, lotions, whatever makes you feel fresh), get into clean sheets with your favourite book and curl up for the night- now just make one add on and light up an aroma candle beside you, to not only jazz up your space but also create a serene aura and just like that, you would feel the difference.


Fragrances are not just soothing but also hint at a whiff of nostalgia. It can transport you to a different time and place instantly. The TOH fragrances range from Oishi- Blueberry Vanilla to Hygge- Peach Caramel. The first one, with a delicious sweetness of vanilla, packed with a fruity forest nuance makes you think of a nature trail, hiking on the hills while the second one with fresh notes of peach, is a quintessential summer feeling, ready to lift your spirits with a playful element of caramel. Both the scents capture a uniquely warm and sun-filled season that tune up your mood and naturally reduce stress, worry and anxiety.



With the season being packed with celebrations, tying loose ends and meeting deadlines can take a major toll on your mental wellness. To escape this frenzy and for the arriving holidays to be tension free, get to that productive mindset and dive into the grind with a peaceful working arena lit with comforting candles. The scents will help you focus, and the warm glow will calm you down, so that work doesn’t feel bothering but becomes play. And once you wrap that all up, you can start the planning on the arriving merriment.

The essence of festivities is all about tables filled with warm food and laughter filled conversations, along with decorations that make you the guru of aesthetics for your group of friends. To become the talk of the town, we suggest two things- handcrafted TOH candles sculpted specially to make a statement and lighting them up for the perfect dim glow which shall put filters to shame. Wow your guests and shift the energies of your home with a soft radiance for intimate gatherings, rather than bright overhead lights and harsh glow of lamps. Even for your bedroom, candles can help you drift into a better slumber as it eases out your senses.

Another tip we can gift you is, Date Night! Plan a special candle-lit dinner or a candle lighted ambience for some romantic moments with your loved one. Ring in a state of luxury with lingering baths, complete with some wine and your favourite scented wax. What can be better for self-care and restoration.



Setting the tone for a day full of mindfulness through candles is not a modern trend. The world had started appreciating its beauty around 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt, and has been an intrinsic part of feasts, ceremonies, and rituals. Today, they are just as important design and wellness essentials as anything mind-blowingly magnificent. 

Whether meditation, prayer or simply setting up a zen aura, light up the flickering flame and it transforms the mundane into a charismatic ritual. Illuminating the room in a soft golden gleam, veiled with a satiating incense, it creates a tranquil mood that touches the soul. So, don’t underestimate the power of candles to completely reinvigorate a space/corner of your cozy den.
With The Orby House’s collection of statement candles, let your one-of-its-kind wax pieces be the conversation starter and fill your home with a romantic glimmer and a peaceful ambience. Let there be love, let there be light!

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