Our Brand

The Orby House is a lifestyle and decor brand, co-founded by three artsy and driven women, sharing an immense love for design. The pieces are very carefully created with quintessential sculpting techniques and curated aesthetics, which are worthy of making an instant statement. With the aim to bring refinement to the interiors of your living spaces, TOH brings you innovative, minimalistic, and intriguing design concepts, reflected in their interesting masterpieces. In a time when hand-labored craftsmanship is being replaced with machine-made mass products, the team has worked to reinvent creative and authentic ways of making art, with handcrafted love. With a range of products from planters to sculptures, barware to kitchenware, candlestands to everyday products, the focus is on creating a premium luxury and lifestyle brand, without being afraid to experiment.

Don’t be afraid to experiment- not everything has to match. A house that is 100% perfect is rarely a charm.


Our Story 

"Without Craftsmanship,
Inspiration Is A Mere Reed Shaken In The Wind"
Meet our co-founders, The brilliant trio- Shanu Agrawal, Pranjali V. & Snigdha Singh, the Brain behind our brand. Call it fate or the perfect timing, they happened to spent lockdown in same the city, Raipur. The conversations flew, cementing a strong partnership that got easier and more comfortable in a while. It didn’t take time for them to realise that they had the same long-term vision, which they could materialise together with a solid chemistry & understanding. From brainstorming idea's overnight, to ideation and then execution the trio is working day in and out to create products that reflects their artistry.

Brand Inspiration 

Influenced by the principles of Global style, the products at The Orby House highlight the design theories and aesthetic ingenuities of around the globe. It embraces the generic cultural style of a particular country or more, depending on what touches the heart and eye from various design sensibilities. Such a concept is often associated with bringing your vacation destination back home. When you travel to a place, love something there and bring that idea along with your luggage, you end up accumulating many inspirations with you from around the world like souvenirs. It’s all about texture, culture, and comfort. For travelers, history buffs, and nomads at heart, this proves to be a reflection of one’s love and appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship, that goes into creating each individual piece, whether it’s a handmade ceramic or a piece of lovingly poured candle. It can also be seen as a way to remember your favorite place and keep its essence with you or it can act as an aspirational piece, for places you hope to explore someday.

Our Team

Our artisans Kaustav, Puspendu & Karan along with other artists in making are relentlessly working behind the scenes and pouring every bit of creativity required to bring our ideas to life.

The Orby House has an invincible backbone, in the lieu of its artists, workers and other individuals associated with the brand and its success. Without confining the artists, they are given complete creative freedom to experiment with their creativity. Their inputs are respected, and the skills revered. The creative team comprises of more than one kind of artists, and this brings an immense sense of pride to the brand. With this strong support system relentlessly working behind the scenes, and pouring every bit of themselves into the products, there is all possible space left for digging minds for more. The skilled craftsmanship is what sculpts the vision into reality and hence, the core team is deeply valued for the effort they put in. In the era of mass produced and imported products, TOH is an advocate of handcrafted, artistic detailing with the stamp of ‘Make in India’. 

We are happy to make you a part of our journey henceforth.