cozy house ambiance with candles


Warm, serene, and satisfying, there is a famous phrase, ‘no place like home!’ as people are so drawn to the space, they create for themselves. The way it cocoons them with comfort makes them want to come back home, be it from a long day at work or from a wild party, coming back to your home feels soothing. A cluttered home does not extend an inviting vibe but a home that is sorted (with a touch of aesthetics) creates a sanctuary no one would want to leave. Creating a home that is truly elegant is an art very few excel in and very few people understand that it is not that difficult. The easiest way to spruce up a home with some magic is candles (even better if aromatic)!

The more candles, the merrier! But just dumping them in one spot isn’t enough. One needs to make their home and its décor speak of the personalities residing in it and their tastes. This can shine through by adding a soul to a lifeless abode. How to ace some LIT candle arrangements? Let’s fire up some solutions:

  • Stand-alone pieces of art

If you want to invest in one good candle, it has to be either functional or extremely fabulous. Uniquely sculpted candles make a striking statement but if you really want to put a candle to use, buy a three-four wick large candle. Placing a single candle can be a nice touch for the bedside or as a centrepiece.

  • Element & texture play

Be it a single candle or a group of threes or fours, place them on a metal/glass tray, preferably a little moulded/engraved. These candles can be surrounded by greens, rocks, small flower vases, crystals/gems in a glass, smaller tea-light candles, or a magazine. You can also keep some pearls to add some drama.

  • The old castle vibe

Nothing illuminates a space with more drama and intimacy than candelabras!

A branched gilded candlestick, this décor item adds a touch of history and royalty to any space. From vintage-looking pieces to modern candelabras, these are making a comeback in varied forms. Look for some pretty candles to place on this and prepare for an evening extraordinaire!

  • Lanterns to cast a spell

One of the most popular décor pieces available in all shapes and sizes, lanterns instantly induces a mystical aura and a spectacular ambiance. Place well-crafted candles in them and decorate individually or in a group of varying sizes to create a cosy corner.

  • Add the chic to the warmth

Wine goblets, terrariums, or smaller glass vessels are also gorgeous options to place your candles. Introduce a luxe feel, by adding delicate candles to these holders and your dinner parties will become fairy tales that your guests narrate happily ever after.


Candle arrangements call for your creativity and your heart. There are so many ways that candles can be arranged. Since fireplaces don’t really exist anymore, adding warmth to living rooms calls for a cluster of candles placed on multiple levels to create a little asymmetry, and these can be complemented with family photos, books, travel souvenirs, etc to create a magical corner. There are innumerable unique ways in which candles and candle holders are available nowadays. Check out our website for exquisite candle holders, candles, and sculptures, handcrafted with ceramic or stoneware. Set a mood and keep your abode warm with a heavenly glow all year long. Beauty in little everyday things makes the heart flutter with happiness. So, let’s light up the enchanting evenings!

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