The Orby House Diwali Decor Collection – In the Making

The Orby House Diwali Decor Collection – In the Making

What is your favorite memory of Diwali? Do you remember going to those decked up Diwali markets, picking traditional choice of décor and preparing everything back home? Well, the essence of The Festival of Lights is not just any decorations but decor that makes the heart happy. The satisfaction of creating your very own Diwali is absolutely real!

The crisp air, the festive cheer, and the season of The Festival of Lights unlock many memories in us. Embracing this nostalgia, as you prepare to shop and bask in beautiful Diwali décor elements, The Orby House is unveiling just the picks for you - an exquisitely handcrafted brand-new Diwali Collection.

This collection comprises artisanal pieces to add to your home, table, and dinnerware collection that express your individual preferences and the unique choice of celebrations that your heart might have always desired.Crafted for the modern home, our eco-friendly ceramic décor collection redefines age-old traditions to induce a contemporary vibe, which is minimalist in aesthetic, thoughtful in design, and versatile in utility.


Don’t you love cute corners, complete with pristine ceramic pieces in joyful colors? Well, be it divine diyas or charming candles, the beauty of Diwali lies in the diversity of ways it can be celebrated. We recognize that every individual has a unique approach to the festival, and we celebrate this individualistic self-expression. Whether you're captivated by the timeless allure of traditions or have an affinity for tasteful modern aesthetics, your celebration is divinely joyous only if it makes your soul happy (without conforming to societal norms!). We are launching – My Diwali, My Rules!


Kneading, pinching, shaping, molding – our in-house artisans pour their hearts and souls into the pieces they create. Our studio is a place where passions pour out as local craftsmen meticulously work their magic to create products that one can use all year long. The new-age minds prefer narrating a décor tale that reflects their personality, speaks to their heart, and has a utility extending to a longer period of time. With aesthetics taking priority in this day and age, we decided to create products that spark joy, deviating from conventional expectations.

Exploring a youthful narrative, we have played with pretty pastels or fresh bright hues that exude an aura of happiness and serenity. We conducted surveys across our existing database, our in-house team, friends, and family to understand ongoing trends and preferences. Then, our team brainstormed on different prototypes, picking designs, colors, and styles. We incorporated varied elements of the festival to keep its essence alive. From flowers to potpourri, sweets to candles, we collected all our memories to catch the vibe of everything that makes Diwali so special to our hearts.


No matter where you stay – be it with family, friends, or alone, with a room in a hostel, or a house you share only with yourself, your Diwali holds a meaning that is unique to you. So, let your celebration resonate with your emotions. Whether you are decorating a room, a corner, or an entire house, own your décor story as entirely yours.

Add a unique charm and a touch of self-expression to your festive ambiance with exquisite pieces from The Orby House's Diwali collection. The intricate craftsmanship of our elegantly designed ceramic candle holders casts a warm, gentle glow, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Adorn your table with our artfully designed ceramic plates and bowls, which add a playful and quirky twist to traditional table decor. With these distinctive elements, you can transform your space into an oasis of sophistication and creativity.


Be part of this beautiful journey that endorses local artisans, creativity, and the need to stay true to yourselves. Contribute to a narrative that sparks joy in every home, transforming them into captivating stories that redefine the way Indian festivals are experienced.

In simpler words, this Diwali go all out with a fresh perspective that honors your choices for a unique celebration. Pick your pieces, choose your happiness, and celebrate YOUR Diwali in YOUR way. Are you ready for the fireworks?

Love & Light,

The Orby House

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