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Girl Head Planter/Vase


It involves TOH team and our client putting there heads toghter to achieve something unique / creative.

We get on a call to understand what our client needs. Even if someone do not have a concrete outcome in mind, we help in navigating the idea to reach to a conclusion.

- It all starts with an Idea

Pottery maker


This is when our artist put there perfect tools on to turn clay in to final piece. We keep our client in loop with progress maintaining absolute transparency and considering their inputs.

Our team makes sure we deliver the best quality product we agreed upon

Home Decor - Wise Monkeys Decorative Statue


Our team gets in detail discussion for final glaze color and if any alteration needed size etc. Our peices are finally fired.

This being a very chemical process at times it might not turn out as expected. At times we need to have multiple glaze trials before we achieve the final product.


Au revoir

We have an expert team who takes extra care of packaging and making sure the product reaches safely to your doorstep. It gives an immense pleasure to see our piece in the home it belongs.

We request our client to tag us on instagram once they receive their product with #customisewithTOH

Schedule a call with our team

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Taking your customised needs to the next level

So next time you have a vague idea and need a team to execute them; provide your design reference or concepts and leave the exceution part to us.

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    Greek Head Planter

  • Monk Planter

    Monk Planter

  • Girl Head Planter

    Girl Head Planter

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